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I remember Flipside burgers as one of the first burger specific eateries to open up around the Fremantle area. It was exciting because it became a place to eat an evening burger that wasn’t in a pub or a semi formal restaurant. Not that there is anything wrong with either but sometimes a girl simply wants to grab a quick casual bite to eat and ponder through a menu of many mouth watering burger options. 10 or so years ago this was a bit of a game changer and with all the new places continuing to open around town, Flipside are still churning out tasty burgers from their small establishments. This brings me to Sunday. The day we try to practice ‘no work’ and sometimes suceed.

We stopped in at the Wembley store on Cambridge Street for a late lunch. Although it appeared to be a full house, by the time we placed our order at the counter, a table outside became available. Even better it was in the full sun, a nice spot for us to soak in some of the winter sun.

I went with the classic burger on a gluten free bun (first burger in the photo) which comes with a beef meat patty, lettuce, red onion, tomato relish and mayo. The bun was lightly toasted and the char grill flavour of the West Australian beef, followed by the fresh crisp salad were stand outs to the meal. The simplest burger on the menu at Flipside, it was fantastic.

The other half went with the Blue train, distinctly different from the other burgers by the inclusion of a layer of pungent blue cheese. You either love or feel great disdain towards this unique tasting cheese. Having said that, I would encourage anyone to try, it does compliment the beef and isn’t quite as dominant. The Blue Train is a memorable burger.

With all the wonderful burger joints around Perth these days we can tell you we enjoyed our burgers from Flipside, fresh and not overly heavy. We hope to be back again soon.

Happy Burger eating!

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    1. Was good, I find with gluten free buns for burgers, they get soggy quickly. But hey just means I shouldn’t dawdle with my food!

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