Lunch at Good Fortune Roast Duck House

Inspired by the amusing Amazing Peking Duck Race chapter in a book I am currently reading by Lorraine behind the Not Quite Nigella blog, I decided to find some Peking Duck to feast on for lunch. The Good Fortune Roast Duck House sounded like the perfect place to experience this famous Chinese imperial dish and for the very first time might I mention.

The restaurant is located in the Chinatown part of Northbridge on William Street. It’s a popular part of town and parking can be a little tricky however the free Blue Cat bus stops at the nearby Aberdeen Street.


The scruffy looking exterior and hanging ducks in the window generate some excitement for the meal. It’s the feeling of finding a little secret place except, that, Good Fortune Roast Duck House is well-known in Perth! We enter the restaurant to find a queue of people watching the chefs fiercely chop duck meat, my heart sinks a little at the thought that we might have to try somewhere else but all is okay when the lady speedily waves us to a table in the corner.  I pick up the pace as if the table will disappear in walking movements.  We are happy to be seated. Framed pictures of the food dishes hang on the wall, an indication of the seriousness at this place but perhaps also the restaurant’s pride. Good Fortune Roast Duck House, according to their website have been a part of the Chinese food scene since 1999.  There are also pictures of Joondalup Resort which I find curious and cannot explain.


The Peking Duck dish is ordered from the appetizer section of the menu and on thought it’s great to share or even as a solo meal. The dish arrives to the table prepared ready to eat. The pancake is paper thin and the glazed duck sits on top of a small piece of cucumber and spring onion. In its simplistic form, this dish was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed the juicy soft meat and the fat of the duck was divine, its the best part. I can’t go past the skin of the duck though, it was deliciously flavoursome.

 Peking Duck (5) 


 Peking Duck


Derek was craving some BBQ pork and he ordered the boneless roast duck and BBQ pork dish. The dish was accompanied with one serve of white rice and a few steamed Asian vegetables. The duck and BBQ pork was tantalizing and for $14.00 its a reasonable lunch dish.


The service was straight to the point and prompt and as our dishes were cleared we were thanked. I can see myself returning to Good Fortune Roast Duck House. I left the restaurant with two thoughts – the first being why haven’t I tried Peking Duck sooner and the second that although its fun to visit newly opened establishments in Perth, it’s also great to find ones that have been around for a while still serving consistently good food!

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