Cycling and breakfast in Cottesloe

Early Sunday morning on our cycling travels, we decided to stop for breakfast at Il Lido. I’m not sure if it’s because we are out and about cycling more these days, however, I’m noticing a decent bicycle culture in Perth – both road and off-road. Weekend mornings are especially good around the Freo area and along the coast. It’s a scenic cycle along the coast and the road conditions are fairly good. Plus there is a dual cycle and walk path from Swanbourne beach to Port Beach for short cycle trips.

Il Lido’s location is supreme, across the road from the picturesque Cottesloe Beach.  The area has a bit of a holiday feel to it in the mornings, its really relaxing. The cafe is open from 7am every day of the week and there are bicycle racks next door or across the road, so great for cyclists.

I’ve noticed the versatile panna cotta has made its way into the breakfast menu and there is certainly no complaints here. I love panna cotta! Top the cold dessert with fruit and nuts and its a fine summer breakfast dish. The wobbly citrus panna cotta was hidden under a mixed berries, orange, toasted nuts and coconut shavings, oranges. It was refreshing and tasty.


The mushroom ragu of wheat berry, slow cooked garlic and tomato, served on toast is indubitably a savoury dish with strong garlic and roasted flavours. This dish has traditional flavours all over and it was filling and warming, Derek gave it the thumbs up.


The Mano a Mano blend coffee was strong, and the cup size made a superb long black with a winning layer of crema.


Weekend breakfast hour (a crazy time in Perth cafes!!!), the staff were run off their feet, and yet service didn’t slip, and was fantastic, friendly and prompt.

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