Just Dessert at The Standard

Celebrating my birthday over the weekend we dropped past The Standard in Northbridge for some sneaky dessert.  The bar is located on the fringe of Northbridge along Roe street, a few blocks down from Chinatown where the likes of Billy Lees and Uncle Billys feed late night diners.

Our first visit to The Standard and the rear garden undetectable from the street side is ultra cool, looks like a pleasant spot for drinking and eating under the darkness and cool of the evening. The small decking area over a re-purposed sea container has views of the city skyscrapers in the distance, and it’s not hard to see why all seats are taken. The décor is hip and retro. Wood tones offset shiny disco silver and mirrored objects. Sparkling fairy lights make it feel like we’re at a friend’s house for the evening. Good relaxed vibe.

It was going to be an early start the next day so we skipped the drinks and went straight for dessert. We placed the order over the bar but I think it may be table service too.

The two plates arrived to the table looking admirable.  Purposely placed sweet morsels of varying paired flavours, give way to some play on the plate – combining all on a spoon or sampling each one on their own. As much as we want to ‘eat with gusto’  we approach the desserts slowly, enjoying the linger of the flavours.

The banana themed dessert was plated on a wood board and featured caramelised creamy banana with a crispy top, Chambord liqueur gel, white chocolate and peanut in crumb form. I had ordered this dish having seen a bunch of alluring photos on Instagram and thought the portions in this evening’s one was on the tiny side. Neitherless, it was very creative and delectable! It also went incredibly well with the chocolate dessert. The better of the two was by far the chocolate dessert of two solid blocks of creamy chocolate ganache, crisp toasted savoury wafers, coconut cream blobs and spiced rum. Oh yum!

All in all a nice way to end the evening at The Standard and I’m super keen to return for foods and drinks. It’s awesome to head out at night and be able to find good quality food from a bar. Also a place where you can just visit for dessert.




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