Lake Espresso, Claremont

Where in Claremont can you sip a hot coffee with a scenic and peaceful view? We may have found the perfect little place at the Lake Claremont Golf Course called Lake Espresso. The location is indeed somewhat hidden from the street when turning off Davies Road. It is an easy 5 minute walk from the Claremont train station.

We ordered a couple of cappuccinos and a brekky wrap. Lake Espresso offer a super casual family friendly environment and the coffee is fantastic, one of the better park cafes we have visited in Perth. The staff were energetic and friendly. Our brekky wrap was a delicious combination of mushroom, egg, spinach and relish. For a simple park cafe the coffees were pretty good. Our topped up long macs had a dense layer of milk froth, that also held a nice little latte art pattern. The coffee was strong and served hot.

Lake claremont golf course 1

The parkland at Lake Claremont covers about 70 hectares. A path wraps around the lake with one side ideal for cycling and rollerblading and the other for nature walks. A small playground with BBQ facilities can be found a few metres away. The Claremont Golf Course borders the reserve and whilst we were enjoying the surroundings a few walkers stopped past for a takeaway coffee. The small complex also houses a gym with views.

Long Mac

Long mac topped up

Hole in the wall café

lake Espresso

View from the elevated deck

Lake Espresso 2


Lake espresso 5

Brekky Wrap ($7.50)

Lake Espresso 4

More Information
$10.00 minimum for eftpos
Park in the bottom car park (behind the Claremont pool car park) and go through the small building. You will see Lake Espresso on the left.
Dog friendly
Tables on the deck as well as picnic tables under the tree
Lake Espresso Facebook Page
Lake Claremont Golf Course
Aspire Fitness and Physiotherapy

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  1. Is there anyone out there who would enjoy rollerblading around lake Claremont. I am looking at taking it up again … did it a lot some years before. Its a great way to trim the body and great fun when blading with others.

    Call me on 0413 501 222 if you might be interested

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