Finding delicious Vietnamese at Mama Tran, Claremont

A few new places have surfaced in the Claremont area over the past six months and one of them is Vietnamese eatery, Mama Tran. The Claremont branch is located on the exterior of Claremont Quarter next to Yamato Kaiten Sushi and on the corner of St Quentin Ave & Bovell Lane.

We’ve had a good dinner in the past at the Milligan street branch and knowing the menu is exactly the same, our dinner plans fell into place rather effortlessly. I always love when that happens! The restaurant offers a casual dining experience with a semi alfresco area. The menu offers affordable hawker style dishes for as little as $8.00.

The dining protocol at Mama Tran goes a little like this – place your order at the counter, make payment, take the buzzer, collect cutlery and condiments (chili, oils etc) on the way to the table. Wait for the buzzer to go crazy, collect food and eat with gusto!!!

I ordered the warm pho tái noodle soup dish.  I am a bit of a newbie to Pho tái and my taste buds really picked up on the fresh herbs in the dish.  The wide-brimmed bowl was filled to the top of warm soup, and with a scoop I uncover slippery rice noodles and strips of beef. The pho tai was comforting and filling. As rice noodles are used, this dish is gluten-free and definitely not as heavy as wheat noodles tend to be. There is also a chicken version of this dish called pho ga.

Pho tái


Derek went with the bánh mì ga, chicken served in a baguette. He added the chicken Pâté for a $1.50. The baguette was crispy and the meat soft, the salad with parsley was flavoursome. When I first tried the bánh mì ga, the use of the French baguette stirred some curiosity. History alert here, the baguette was a product of French colonialism in Vietnam. The Banh Mi,  following some modifications became a popular Vietnamese dish.

Derek ordered a few sides to go with his meal, chicken wings and spring rolls. I thought they looked on the oily side but he demolished them happily. What fried food doesn’t look oily?

Bánh mì Ga


Claremont Quarter


Mama Tran offers something new to Claremont. Dining on an affordable budget! It’s a quick no fuss way of eating a meal.

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  1. Yum mee n so cheapee. So glad we got one here. No parking probs n no long queues.
    Yippee. Onya Van!

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