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With Perth’s transforming food scene and not to mention the beer craft scene a little thought goes into where to take Dad for his birthday these days, with the aim of showing him new places around town, last year it was the Alpengaudi evening at The Rhein Donau Club in Myaree and this year our family decided to try the Northbridge Brewing Company. The establishment serves as a brewery, bar and restaurant overlooking the free outdoor cinema of Northbridge Piazza.

I was a little apprehensive about not having a booking with our party of 7  (no bookings taken) however arriving before the lunch menu opened was a wise idea, we scored the last long bench table on the ground floor.


If you ever jogged, sprinted or walked around the tracks at Perry Lakes Stadium or cheered from the grandstands you will appreciate the fact that the bricks and feature lighting was recycled from the Perry Lakes site and history buffs should know that a large wooden beam hanging over the bar was sourced from the historic Art Deco Ford Factory in North Fremantle.

Our spot was well, just awesome, we were undercover but in the alfresco area enjoying the superb West Australian weather and overlooking the green lawned Northbridge Piazza.  The atmosphere grew and by 1pm the brewery was abuzz with chatter and laughs throughout. Musicians played in the piazza all afternoon long, a couple of metres from our table.


The brewery produces four varieties of beer onsite – Beerland Lager, Beerland Pale Ale, Beerland Wheat and Beerland Mild. The water used in the beer undergoes a purification process ensuring the end product is a quality product. In the entrance there are two beer vats and the brewery has the ability to produce 150,000L of beer each year. Now that is a lot of beer! There are 3 menus available during the course of the day – breakfast (last order at 10.30am), lunch (12:00pm to 2.30pm) and dinner (6:00 pm to 9.30pm) and an all day snacks (but served from 11am).

The first matter of importance was ordering our drinks from the bar. DK went with a pint of Beerland Pale Ale.

Beerland Pale Ale (brewed onsite)

Apart from beer there is a variety of cocktails and wines available. I went with a glass of Dunes and Greene Brut NV from the Sparkling and Champagne menu.

Dunes and Greene Brut NV 


I particularly like the smaller portion meal items under the burger and sandwiches section of the menu, if you are having a couple of drinks its nice to be able to have a tasty snack other than chips. Also, for $16.00 you could choose 2 different items for a lunch sitting – perhaps a Bratwurst mini dog and an Angus brewery burger slider?

Knowing of a work dinner engagement I was attending later in the evening, I ordered a little hob hoagies.  The little hob hoagies consisted of pulled pork, lots of BBQ sauce and a slaw salad. It was delicious and certainly contained a lot of sauce inside.

Little Hob Hoagies


Priced at $16.00, the full sized Angus brewery burger with a small side of chips is probably one of the cheaper burgers you’ll find around town.  The Angus beef patty had a tantalising flame grilled flavour and combined with melted cheese, mustard, pickles, tomato and lettuce, it was all pretty satisfying. Some might find the size of chips a little small but the meal combined was filling.

Angus Brewery Burger


The fillet steak sandwich was the clear favourite of the group with three orders from our table. Often said by the folks, the steak sandwich is the original burger and  it was made up of one thick beef fillet steak sandwiched between two slices of white toasted bread, flavoured with aioli  and BBQ sauce. A side of chips was also included with the meal.

Fillet Steak Sandwich



The Asian noodle salad served with prawns (an addition request for $4.00), noodle, shredded carrot and cabbage is a healthier option on the menu. It is served cold and finished with a sesame and lime dressing.

Asian Noodle Salad with addition of Prawns


On a Sunday the brewery certainly offers a family friendly environment and it worked out to be a great choice for  Dad’s Birthday celebrations through a combination of good food and drinks, spacious long bench tables, being able to place separate orders and the sticker pack that was given to our 2 year old niece, enabling us to extend our lunch that little bit longer before she grew bored.

Service for the most part was good. We ordered our meals and drinks at the bar, food was delivered to the tables. We did encounter some unexpected and certainly uncalled for attitude from one lady but we soon forgot about it experiencing better service from the other members circulating the floor. One burger meal arrived first and the other meals arrived 25 minutes later along with an extra burger meal. Perplexed the gentleman retreated to the kitchen and in the meantime we worked out the first burger was meant for the table next to us (attitude lady gave it to us instead of the next table). As a new establishment there are obviously some hiccups that I could view as easily resolvable. I would not rule out paying the Northbridge Brewing Company another visit in fact we will most likely return to try out the breakfast menu in a couple months.

The Northbridge Brewing Company is a fantastic addition to Northbridge. The eight metre high screen in the piazza plays entertainment all day long, Time Zone Games is across the road, San Churros (for dessert and coffee) and a really great coffee and cake place, a five minute walk away is The Little Bird.  Truth betold Mum and Dad, have not been to Northbridge in 15 years! They couldn’t believe the transformation of the piazza and its surrounding area.

Northbridge Piazza and the Brewery in the background


Free outdoor cinema

Northbridge-Piazza2A couple of things to note

Parking is free on a Sunday in Northbridge

Lunch from 12 noon

No bookings are accepted at the brewery

Order food and drinks from the bar and make sure you remember your table number otherwise you could end up having to go back to the table.

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