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Beginning a morning at the beach is a must do in Perth, and anywhere along the coast will do. This Good Friday holiday we headed to Leighton beach for an early (for a public holiday anyhow) morning breakfast at Bib & Tucker.  Most places tend to close on Good Friday, however, this year there were plenty open around town and with an instagram account it was an effortless task in finding choices for breakfast.

We arrive just before 8am and are instantly shown to an outside table on the deck overlooking that blue ocean and matching sky! With the relaxing view to the right of us, holiday mode sets in and I begin to forget about everything that needs to be done before the weekend is finished.  It’s a little cool now that autumn has moved in, however sitting in the sun does feel nice and summery.

I went with the chilled breakfast jar, an interesting layered combination of cubed mango fruit, chia seed pudding and panna cotta. The highlight was definitely the last layer – creamy coconut panna cotta with a nice sweet hint of honey. I normally go for the warm breakfast option, however, this was a winner and I would definitely order the breakfast jar again!  It was delicious!

Derek indulged in the buttermilk banana pancakes and it looked like a real treat. The beautiful stack was served with banana and thick quality double cream. It was finished with a light sprinkling of icing sugar, drizzling of honey and pecan nuts. Thin slices of banana were hidden in the middle of the pancake stack and only added to the deliciousness of the dish.

Our coffees arrive halfway through the meal, long and black. The cups are quite thick and hold the temperature of the coffee finely.  The long black coffee is a good choice for pairing with the pancakes, a milk coffee would have been a bit much with the rich flavours.

I was intrigued to learn that Bib & Tucker maintain a bee hive on the rooftop and its great to see their honey is incorporated in a few of the breakfast dishes. The concept of rooftop honey is a growing movement and its brilliant really, utilising urban areas for our local honey bees. At home, when the weeds flower in the cooler months, we see hundreds of bees thriving off those weed flowers.  It’s incredible, and I often wonder now with our modern flowerless manicured gardens and our fertilised parks, where do the bees go? I just love what Bib & Tucker are doing.

Beachside breakfast


Spaces for a coffee or drink


 Long Black Coffee


 Breakfast Jar


 Buttermilk and Banana Pancakes


 Devouring the pancakes


 The wonderful view over the Indian Ocean


The well-rounded breakfast menu offers some great choices and I love seeing the words homemade/house made. There were definitely a few items that would motivate a return to Bib & Tucker, plus there is the experience of enjoying an espresso by the beach! The service was seamless and pleasant.

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15% surcharge on public holidays.

I’m making the assumption there is a dress standard, if you go for a swim you’ll need to wear shoes and be clothed to enter the restaurant.

North Fremantle train station is within walking distance, perfect for travellers wanting to reach the beach area.

The Life of PY has detailed a great walk route that passes Bib & Tucker on their blog here.

Hire a bicycle and cycle from Fremantle, a dedicated bicycle path covers most of the journey.

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