Cycle to Fremantle

Following our cycle last weekend, we were keen to do it all again. This route may be shorter but extends to the portside town of Fremantle for coffee and food snacks.

Start and end –  Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to Rule Street

Cafe Stop –  Bread in Common

KM traveled; 10km roughly

Section 1 – Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to Rule Street

Section One - Fresh water bay to North Fremantle

We leave the car behind at the picturesque Keane’s Point Reserve and head south along the path towards Fremantle. The weather forecast was 40% chance of precipitation and just in case, we bought along our rain jackets. As long as we reached the cafe dry we weren’t too concerned about the possibility of getting drenched. It was hard to picture rain at the start of our ride, the river was absolutely serene, no wind and the sun was out. There was a relaxed laid back atmosphere in the area, kids skippering small boats in front of the yacht club, morning runners about and the small park café house was full.  We follow the road alongside the grassed foreshore where dingy boats are laid out under trees. I guess the council on this side of the river is not as strict as the south who from memory were looking at banning this practice? The first steep hill hits us just after we pass Mosman’s Restaurant. It is brutal to say the least. The first hill always is, but this one would be regardless I think.

We cycle through the prestigious Mosman Park neighborhood along Donnelly Road where we join the dual use cycle path and it’s an accelerated downhill on a board walk and then back onto the dual path.

We breeze through Minim Cove Park and its scenic the whole way through the landscaped parkland. Minim Cove was once the site of a fertiliser factory for 60 odd years and one of the biggest environment cleanup projects at its time for Perth, the area was developed for residential homes and public spaces. The only reminder of it’s toxic past is artwork that displays various chemical names. I don’t really understand why you would want to magnify (possibly commend) chemicals? Perhaps for the achievement of the clean up? Neitherless, it does makes me feel slightly uneasy since I’ve been doing a heavy metal detox since January this year and still trying to get them out!

We discover a short narrow trail alongside the path cocooned in trees and shrubbery, it gives us a little bit of a kiddie off-road experience. Good spot for introducing kids to mountain biking.

Back on the dual path we see dark grey clouds off in the distance. Time to get rolling, time to get cycling!

Keane’s Point, Peppermint Grove



 Dual path


Park furniture in Minim Cove


Swan River and limestone cliffs in North Fremantle


Short trail


Additional stops/sights – Mosmans Restaurant at Mosman Park, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club at Peppermint Grove, Black Swan birds if you are lucky.

Section 2 – Rule Street  to Bread in Common

section 2 - Rule Street - Bread in common

This section of the journey begins with a mad dash across Stirling Highway passing the cluster of eateries and antique stores. Protesters for the group, Stop the Live Export have set up at the next intersection. We have an interesting conversation in between drivers honking their horns in support. The topic of animals being subjected to inhuman conditions for export is not the nicest of topics whilst I’m telling you about our idyllic cycle, however, I do see some points; why not send the animals to an abattoir prior to leaving W.A – more jobs for Western Australian’s. Many animals are lost on the journey through disease or injury and when you think about it, it’s wasted food that could be prevented. Growing up in Fremantle, the stench of the animals in town became the normal. Maybe its time to move on. Less congestion of trucks in the area and polluting container ships surely would only benefit Fremantle. I wonder where our local farmers stand on this?

We cross the old Fremantle bridge and its a different experience on a bike, we are closer to the water view with an interesting narrow opening gap on the left. Perth is a small world and if you live in this city long enough you’ll hear this a lot. As we are cycling along the bridge a car beeps at us, beeps again, beeps again. Turns out it was Derek’s friend.

It’s a downhill and flat ride to Market Street where we snake our way to a bustling Bread in Common. I’m eagerly anticipating a cup of coffee and we order a couple of long blacks as soon as the lady brings us a menu. I just love the interior of Bread in Common, a prime example of turning a simple space into something to admire. Even the toilets feature a void!  Bread in Common do a simple roasted duck fat potato dish and following a cycle, this dish has my name on it! Derek goes with a toasted sandwich.

The weather front we spotted in North Fremantle arrives and it buckets down whilst we are eating. I make a mental note to bring a towel to wipe down the seat as our bikes were not sheltered.  We catch the train from Fremantle station to North Fremantle station, skipping a bit of the route while making our way back to the starting point.

Limestone cliffs at North Fremantle


Stop Live Export protestor


On the old Fremantle bridge and view of the train line


Bread in Common 


Long Black coffee at Bread in Common


Additional stops/sights – Propeller Cafe at North Fremantle, Left Bank restaurant/pub at East Fremantle, Gesha Coffee at Fremantle, Stop Live Exports

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