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Discovering a new place or keen to dive into new foods in Perth, is really easy these days, jump onto the very social, Instagram and instigate a search on Perth. I promise you, you’ll find a trove of options. I was spending the day in the city for work and had been on the lookout for a lunch place that was going to be quick, minus junk food and welcoming for a solo diner. A few delicious looking photos caught my eye at The Wolf The Bean The Walnut from Perth Vegan. I was sold.

The Wolf The Bean The Walnut sits on the corner of a somewhat invisible arcade off Hay Street and the well-known after dark, Wolf Lane. On a Friday the area is an escape from the nearby foot and car traffic. The guys inside the café are incredibly energetic as I walk in, and I’m already thinking with all that enthusiasm the food has got to be darn delicious, right?

I selected the roast sweet potato dish already set up in the cabinet and ordered a long black coffee. It was going to be a long day.

The warmed sweet potato was dressed with tasty goat’s cheese, salty olives and green leaves I can’t say I’ve had sweet potato for lunch, it’s a favourite with roast dinners at home. But hey, it was a really satisfying lunch and indeed a clever way to fill up and sneak in some healthy nutrition. Don’t leave the skin behind because that was the best part!

The long black was strong and in a good-sized cup. A little bit on the acidic side for me however nothing to stop me enjoying the cup.

The Wolf The Bean The Walnut was a super spot for a quick nutritious dense lunch, I know I’ll back to try breakfast and the cakes. It’s a comfortable and cosy café with seats outside in the arcade/lane and some really cool wall art around.






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