Pizza Express, Mosman Park

Pizza and a movie at home was how we unwind on Saturday evening following a day of work.

Pizza Express in Mosman Park shop is situated on Stirling Highway, conveniently opposite the liquor store. Quite possibly the most effective product placement – Beer and pizza. The shop services takeaway orders however there are a couple of tired looking tables out front but not quite enticing us to want to eat at the establishment. Besides, our media was lined up for the evening, the movie Lucy and a couple of Star Trek episodes.

Pizza Express do ribs and they were crazily delicious, soft tender meat covered in glazed BBQ sauce. One of the reasons I decided to write a post about our meal. For a typical run of your mill pizza shop, they were that good. I really enjoyed dipping the pizza slice in the leftover sticky sauce.

Baby Back BBQ Ribs ($9.95) Ribs
The supreme pizza is one of the 10 most wanted pizza on the menu and with good reason. It’s topped with express tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, pepperoni, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple and fresh tomato. The decently covered pizza certainly satisfied my craving, the chopped and diced ingredients were fresh. The tomato resembled a tomato, the mushroom juicy and the bacon tender.

We finished the large 13 inch pizza by the end of the movie. As for the movie, it was good. I like a bit of girl power. They say when Morgan Freeman relays something profound in a movie, he gains another freckle 🙂

Supreme Pizza ($16.95 for 13 inch) Supreme-Pizza-Mosman-Park The Pizza Express motto is fast, fresh & flame baked. This evening it lived up to the motto, in saying this, we placed our order early beating the friday night rush.

There are four pizza base sizes available from 9 inch to 15 inch. Diners will find specials every day of the week, check the menu for more details. You can order half price ribs with a pizza on Tuesday or enjoy double ribs on the weekend with any large pizza for $29.95. Pizza Express is open for lunch between 12pm – 3pm and they also offer a lunch special.

Pizza Express shops are located in Mosman Park, Riverton and Morley.

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