Pizza night in Fremantle

Catching up with good friends on Friday evening we set a pizza date at Magna Pizza inside The Mantle. While sometimes on a Friday following the end of the working week it’s a little hard to not want to sink into the couch, though once we rocked up at The Mantle to some good tunes and ambiance, it was surely good to be out and about! Even better to be eating dinner!

The Mantle is located on the outskirts of Fremantle’s dining scene and is essentially a warehouse with several small restaurants and bars cleverly partitioned.  It’s across from the wharf and quite unassuming from the outside. Who knows what’s behind those doors?

As soon as you walk through the doors of The Mantle, Magna Pizza is the first place that comes into sight, head to the left for seating. We booked through the Dimmi website and tables seemed to fill up after we were seated but soon enough more tables opened up, so there is a good chance for walk ins. Although there are wait staff standing nearby who seat patrons, you need to order and pay at the bar. Be sure to look at the menu back at the table, as its impressively two pages long and there are so many delicious sounding options!

Magna pizza is BYO with a corkage, however be aware you cannot order a drink from the nearby bar due to a flaw in licensing laws. We happily see this flaw as our advantage – it makes for a cheaper night out!

We order three pizzas to share between four people and it doesn’t take too long before they come to the table one by one.

The magna pizza is the meat lovers one of chicken, lamb, pork and beef. Cheesy mozzarella, hot salami, bbq sauce and pesto creates one magnificent pizza.

The Pantheon Calzone encases an ample amount of hot salami, capsicum, mozzarella cheese, chunks of blue cheese and bacon.

Surprisingly the favourite of the evening is a vegetarian pizza called the Giordano. Walnuts on a pizza you say? An interesting mix of tomato sauce, mozzarella, fried eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, pesto and walnuts. This stood out as the pizza with the most flavour, it was delicious and everyone wanted a slice.

The base was thin but not super biscuit like, which was great. Interestingly, the dough is left to rise for a period of 36 hours and is apparently easier to digest.

While fast food pizza joints have taken away the authenticity of going out for a pizza, Magna serving its Roman pizzas definitely brings back this authenticity in a casual and warm environment. We had such a great night where the food and service was on point. We missed out on the dessert pizza however we’re planning on returning one afternoon to try it along with a coffee. I think I might cycle to Magna on that day.

As we were leaving The Mantle we noticed an ice cream cart set up and I would definitely say that you could create an outstanding progressive dinner trying out the various places housed in the warehouse. Because of the flexibility that the venue offers, who knows what will pop up in what corner of The Mantle!

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