Pub grub from Hotel Rottnest

After a day of cycling to the west end of Rottnest Island we returned to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. On the island there are a handful of places to choose for dinner and as we went to the Riva Restaurant the night before, we thought we would stay close by and dine at Hotel Rottnest.


Hotel Rottnest was recently renovated a few years ago and has been beautifully done. The pub has a large alfresco terrace overlooking the calm waters of Thomson Bay and there is plenty of space to spend a good few hours relaxing over food and drinks. The hotel is open for lunch and dinner and the menu offers pub style food at slightly higher prices obviously running in a semi remote location..

Rottnest island is very family friendly and of course the pub welcomes families too, the atmosphere during our stay was really relaxed. Kids were running around on the beach front and the parents catching up over drinks. For a couple holidaying on their own there are plenty of spots to  find away from the crowd and we picked a quiet table on the steps, close to the main bar.

The evening was stunning, there was no wind and it was warm. No cars, no noises other than people chatting away and the boats bobbing in the water.

Rottnest Hotel 2

I ordered the beer battered fish and chips ( $24.00) which was served with aioli and a fresh salad. I am always a slightly reluctant about ordering battered fish, it can be a hit or a complete miss. Fish and chips is a meal I tend to crave when on a beach style holiday. The salad was great but I wish there was more of it than a small bowl.

Dk ordered the black Angus steak sandwich ($26.00) which was made up of  grilled onion, tomato relish, brie and rocket. A side of chips was also included in the meal. According to Dk the steak sandwich was delicious and although the photo below may show a small burger it was quite filling.

After dinner we ordered a few more drinks from the bar and sat on the limestone wall looking out across the water towards the lights of the mainland, we ended up staying until closing at around midnight.

Rottnest Hotel Dinner

All in all Hotel Rottnest is a beautiful spot to spend the evening but it is not to be mistaken for anything other than a pub which means there is no dining service during your meal, you order food and drinks at the counter and the food is brought out to you. The food and atmosphere was fantastic, Hotel Rottnest certainly offers a laid back environment to finish a day of cycling and swimming on the island.



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