Breakfast by the Beach at The Shorehouse

Given the blissful weather last Saturday morning, we thought it to be a good enough reason to travel towards the west coast for breakfast. When we arrived at Swanbourne Beach the car park was all but full, and as we walked towards The Shorehouse, it was pretty clear this newish restaurant was drawing in a vibrant morning crowd, more than likely with the same idea of enjoying the early summer weather (only a couple of days now!).
Since the former Naked Fig closed some time back, we were slightly sad at the thought of no café on Swanbourne beach, and excitedly watched the renovations unfold. The restaurateur behind this spiffy new dining establishment is Scott Taylor, and The Shorehouse joins the line of his other venues – The Trustee in Perth CBD, Beaufort Street Merchant in Mount Lawley and Enriques School for to Bullfighting in Highgate. 
Taking our seats on the elevated decking space which also happens to overlook the beach, we firstly ordered our coffees and began to browse the menu.  I would have to say the best seats are on the deck either under the yellow and white striped umbrellas or in the sun.
Following 15 minutes or so the waitress came over and apologised for the wait on the coffees, admittedly a backlog of orders, and considering the crowd as well as the fact that it was a lovely Saturday morning, we weren’t at all surprised. Nor did it matter one tiny bit, we were really enjoying the atmosphere, taking in the salty air and warm sun. The long black coffees were superb, temperature hot with a nice layer of crema. 
Long Black Coffee


The housemade granola was refreshingly tasty and seemed to never end. Either that, or I’m a slow eater, but I’ll go with – it was a decent plate of granola! Worth mentioning here was the plentiful amount of toasted macadamia nuts and almond slithers in the granola, evidently no digging around for those goodies was needed. Freshly cut strawberries and blueberries broke up the texture of the granola along with the oh so sweet passionfruit yogurt curd. I love love passionfruit and utterly convinced that nothing will taste mediocre with it.  The granola was served with a side of milk, and if you don’t particularly drink milk it’s pretty delicious on its own with just the yogurt curd.

 Housemade Granola


The standard eggs on toast breakfast dish, named on the menu as eggs your way on toast was complimented with a tantalising BBQ sauce. With the addition of avocado, it’s a satisfying breakfast dish and mixes things up for the simple breakfast lover.

Eggs your way on toast, house BBQ sauce


Aside from the wonderful beach side setting that has this strong ability of taking you away from city life and placing you in a holiday environment, the decor of the restaurant is worth admiring. Stunning actually. I can definitely see this as the spot to visit for a romantic evening sunset.  Bold colours of navy, white and yellow colours accentuate the mixture of copper, brass, black iron and glossy tiles. 

I hear the deck area welcomes ‘beach walk ins’. I like the idea of going for a swim on the beach followed by a plate of granola and a nice strong coffee. No doubt we’ll be back for a breakfast or two in the future.

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