An oldie but a goodie, The Blue Duck

The weeks are flying on by and with Saturday afternoon destined to slip away to work commitments, we decided to enjoy a big breakfast away from home together.

It’s been a while since we’ve had breakfast at The Blue Duck and noticing the menu has changed with a couple of new choices, was the ultimate lure.  I really appreciate mornings by the beach, the crisp autumn air and low light over the beautiful blue ocean always seems to give me a general relaxed feeling. The tunes from a happy ukulele group outside of the Blue Duck was the icing on the cake this morning though.

Our table on the balcony gave a superb view of the beach scene below, which was a few swimmers and paddlers going about their morning routine. The ocean appeared calm and inviting, I imagine the water would have been very nippy. I was happy enough being lazy, sitting on the balcony.

To begin, we order two long black coffees. The Blue Duck use Darkstar coffee beans. The coffee is hot and albeit it’s not the strongest espresso blend for a long black, it’s still satisfactory to drink.



Derek’s been talking about beans for breakfast and this was another reason for the choice of The Blue Duck, seeing they were on the menu, I knew they would make him super happy! And, that they did!

The braised beans were in a red sauce and served with a strip of grilled chorizo, a fried egg and sourdough toast. The aroma and taste of the beans reminded me of my Italian grandmother’s kitchen. There was definitely an Italian influence in the beans and it was undeniably delicious. Very randomly, as I’m writing this, a memory springs to mind of visits to Nonna’s before school, she would make my brothers and I toast, and then, pull out an old margarine container with homemade chorizo stored inside it. Chorizo on buttered toast, absolutely amazing.

Braised Beans


The roasted field mushrooms were served alongside fresh green rocket leaves and two toasted slices of New Norcia’s quinoa and soy loaf. The generous dollop of goats curd and drizzling of balsamic reduction gave the dish a delicious rich flavour. I find mushrooms are incredibly filling and satisfying for a grumbling empty stomach, and the combination of roasted and vinegar flavours was simply divine. I want to eat this all over again!

Roasted field mushrooms


Both of our meals were priced at $15.00 each and I thought this was good value. Considering the large size of the Blue Duck restaurant, their service protocol works really well and it was an enjoyable meal. The upbeat attitude of the lady that served us, was a little contagious and combined with a nourishing breakfast, it was the start to the day we needed!

As the Perth café scene continues to burst with inventive and extravagant dishes of mesmerizing sugary layers, topped with flowers and popping candy. I must say, it is kind of nice to tuck into some wholesome flavours of roasted garlic and tomato.

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