The Gaya, Applecross

Wednesday evening a group of us dined at a restaurant known for its striking Korean fusion, the Gaya. The restaurant is located in a small but very popular food precinct at the end of Riseley Street in Applecross. Being a little new to fusion dining I was excited at the thought of eating outside of my habitual routine.  Food fusion combines different forms of cuisines to make essentially a reinvented dish. I think it it takes skill and passion to be able to take a beautiful traditional meal and tweak it to hopefully impress the diner.

The Gaya

Beginning our evening we shared two appetiser plates of fried cheese and rice crisps. The dinner menu certainly offers a variety of choices, in fact there are 13 entrees to consider! For a big group this restaurant would be perfect with the variety of dishes available. A set dinner menu of 3 courses costs $45.00 and the restaurant is BYO so you can bring along a nice bottle of wine to accompany the food.


Extensions of traditional Korean dishes our generously sized starters were rich in flavour and very filling. Most of the starters were drizzled with a homemade sauce.

Yook Jujimi ($12.00)

This I thought was pretty cool, Jujimi is a Korean vegetable pancake, but this particular dish I guess you could say to be small servings of beef pancakes! Thinly sliced beef lightly fried and finished with chive and spring onion salad.

Japchae ($12.00)

Japchae is a Korean sweet potato noodle dish,  the noodles were encased in a rice paper pocket and toasted. Served with Korean mustard.

Beef cream roll ($14.00)

Rolled slices of meat stuffed with cream cheese, enoki mushroom, capsicum and highlighted with homemade sauce.

Gaya chicken ($14.00)

Juicy fried chicken covered in a sweet sauce homemade by the chef and finished with roasted peanut.


The mains were a rather eclectic approach to fusion, drawing in even more ingredients and flavours than the starters. We each had a side dish ($3.00) of ingredients to accompany the mains – pickled cucumber, peppers and green tea jelly. Adding a different flavour experience to every bite of the main. My friend ordered a pot of Yuzu (citrus) tea, served warm it went so well with the meals.

Truffle Hamburg Steak ($28.00)

A grilled meat patty served with bean sprouts, enokki mushroom, a small portion of rice and steamed cauliflower. Truffle cream sauce and shaved parmesan cheese topped the dish.

Salmon ($30.00)

The grilled salmon was served with thinly sliced vegetables, a small portion of coconut rice, chili Korean sauce and a special homemade sauce by the chef. The salmon was cooked beautifully and my favourite part was the crispy skin layer.

Tteokgalbi ($30.00)

Tteokgalbi is a  royal court cuisine dish, enjoyed by Korean royalty from as far back as 1392. Beef patties with a fried rice cake, coconut rice and on top of it all a perfectly cooked egg. This dish was interesting with the egg.



Wow! The desserts! The construction of the desserts were impressive and they were as deliciously good as they look in my photos. One by one as they arrived at the table we all admired the presentation. The little sword a big novelty for us slicing the Gaya Gold Pave Chocolate. As hard as it was we shared a small portion of our dessert with each other.

Gaya Gold Pave Chocolate ($8.00)

This rather special dessert, 3 handmade square ganache chocolates of green tea, cacao and mixed grain. This was the popular order at the table and I think because it was topped with 24k gold flakes.

Gaya Ho-Tuck ($8.00)

I ordered this dish as a recommendation from waitress and safe to say it was divine! When the dessert arrived we all admired the perfectly piped chocolate sauce lines on the plate.

A street food dish transformed into a lovely restaurant worthy dessert. The Gaya Ho-Tuck consisted of three small fried cinnamon pancakes.  Served with walnuts on the side and chocolate and berry sauce. Crunchy honey comb speared into the pancakes. It was all good.

Red Misu ($8.00)

A small pot of  creamy tiramisu with some red bean. Tiramisu – Red Misu.


Gaya Gold Pave Chocolate


 Gaya Ho-Tuck


Red Misu



It is wonderful to see a little something different in the suburbs operating in between pizza joints and lunch cafes.  As each dish arrived to our table we all appreciated the fine detail, evidently a labour of love I could see the thought and work that has gone into each of the individual dishes.  The staff were friendly and so very attentive. For a modern fusion restaurant, The Gaya offered our party of four an inviting and unpretentious atmosphere.

Unlike many restaurants we have visited, our evening at The Gaya had us conversing about our meals as we were eating them. We were all trying new dishes.

I would like to kindly thank Leo for the extended invitation and leaving happy from an enjoyable evening I suspect we will be back as now I know I have to introduce fusion to my parents!

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More Information

BYO, bring your own alcohol for a corkage fee

Dinner set menu $45.00 per person

Why end a great evening straight after dinner? A coffee from Gelares next door or a Hemingway’s Daiquiri from the Bad Apples Bar across the road.

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