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This wintery evening we stopped in at Tommy Sugo, a pop up store located at Stimulatte Café in Subiaco. Pop up, meaning the coffee centric café transforms into a pasta serving eatery in the evenings from 5pm. It’s a cool concept and the name is somewhat catchy too. Fresh pasta and great ingredients combined with an Italian heritage are three standouts from Tommy Sugo’s story and philosophy. Worth a read if you are interested in the background.

The small eatery offers cosy inside seating as well as seats outside next to heaters. Diners can mix and match a pasta and sauce, and if you don’t particularly feel like a sauce you can skip this, although, I think you would be missing out! The basic sauces like extra virgin oil and Parmesan are at no extra cost and the ones with chunks of meat are a few dollars. Everything is well detailed on the menu anyhow, and once we knew what we were having, we ordered at the counter. It was great to see classics like beef ravioli (one of my all time favourite dishes growing up) and also more of a modern Australian take, lamb spelt ravioli. The decision was not so easy, there were quite a few we wanted to try!

Buon appetito!

We started with a round of small-sized arancini balls and they settled our grumbling stomachs nicely while we waited for the pasta. The dipping sauce was large however it was at an extra cost and not included with the balls.

I went with a large size of The Double Act which is sweet potato & zucchini spaghetti (a combination of two of the menu items). I selected Tommy’s Sugo for the sauce, slow cooked chicken and beef in tomato sauce. The dish was certainly very filling and just like traditional spaghetti I could twirl the sweet potato and zucchini strands with a fork before ploughing into my mouth.  The vegetable spaghetti was not exactly al dente and this certainly did not hamper the deliciousness of the meal! I really appreciate chicken cooked in pasta sauce, the white meat is not as strong as beef in flavour! The balance of chicken and beef is tasty and the shredded chunks of meat were delicious slowly cooked. As much as I wanted to try a new sauce, I couldn’t steer away from a good tomato sugo!! I was pretty happy with my meal and if I visit again it will be hard to try something new!

I really dig the concept of choosing a pasta and sauce because it gives the option of having a meat sauce with the spiral vegetable spaghetti, which is generally served as a standalone vegan dish.

Derek went with the gnocchi and hulk pesto, a sauce of greens, extra virgin olive oil and sharp parmesan cheese. Parcels of potato goodness, he relished the gnocchi smoothed in light oil. Most of our gnocchi experiences in Perth have been first class and this one, we can add to the list. Where is your favourite gnocchi place?

My favourite way of eating, is in a casual unassuming environment and Tommy Sugo’s is simply that. A place to grab a bite after work or before going out. Particularly, it’s good for anyone with dietary requirements (nuts, diary, gluten, vegan).

Arancini Balls, pumpkin and feta, and dipping sauce


The Double Act – Sweet Potato & Zucchini Spaghetti (GF,V)


Gnocchi Fluffy potato dumplings (GF,V)



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