Vans Cottesloe + Cycle around Perth’s Swan River

Vans Cottesloe opens when the sun is barely up and not even a mouse stirs on Napoleon Street. It’s a really peaceful part of the day and on our cycle around the Swan River today we detour for warm drinks and breakfast. Turns out this morning was the coldest one this year so far, and this doesn’t surprise me because my fingers were hurting from the chill.

Comfy inside and sitting by the beautiful large windows I sipped on a pot of T2 Chamomile tea. Derek went with a traditional long black coffee. We’ve always experienced superb coffee at Vans and this morning was no different. This Cottesloe cafe is also on our list for the best long blacks in Perth, and highly recommended by us.

The breakfast menu is fairly impressive with an abundance of choices – hearty, healthy and sweet! While I was torn between the spicy Indonesian eggs and soft free range boiled eggs, I swayed to the acai bowl because of the chia seeds. All things superfood aside, they are ultimately delicious in some almond milk and I find they make great pedaling fuel which is always a bonus! With a planned journey along the Swan River I was definitely needing more energy than normal.

Presented on a rectangle plate is a jar filled with chia almond milk pudding and crunchy granola. Sliced banana, kiwi fruit and strawberry top the tasty bowl adding a nice sweetness. I love the contrast of smooth to crunchy. It isn’t until I’ve almost spooned most of the contents of the jar that I truly appreciate the spoon of extra granola on the side – genius idea!

We really enjoyed our cafe stop with a return soon because I would love to try those spicy Indonesian eggs!




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Following our break at Vans Cottesloe we cycled towards the river to Fremantle and around the Applecross foreshore to Canning Bridge and onward to the city. Highly recommended the bike path around the Swan River, the scenery is second to none and at the moment the bird life is looking great. Dress a little warmer than usual and you’ll enjoy the winter cycle!



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