Book Review: Snowflakes and Schnapps

Snowflakes and Schnapps by Jane Lawson is a collection of comforting winter recipes, drawn from a combination of curiosity in discovering her family roots and European travels. Jane shares recipes covering regions of an alpine Europe – Estonia, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and France. Delicious hearty rich meals to consume on a chilly evening by the wood fire or in my case the gas heater!

The styled book is easy on the eye, beautiful alpine home and nordic table settings spaced in between recipes of  gingerbread spice glazed ham with cherry relish and cottage cheese and plum dumplings with cinnamon walnuts. Snowflakes and Schnapps makes a great coffee table book and even better, a thoughtful gift for a cookbook collector.

The book is divided into themed sections rather than dishes or ingredients such as baby its cold outside, warmed to the core, diamonds and fur and my favourite section dreaming of a white Christmas. The idea of a Christmas in July themed dinner party sounds tempting and there are enough recipes to host a beautiful long table evening.

Growing up in Australia, far from white snow and high mountain peaks this book has introduced a couple of new dishes into my kitchen during winter. Are the recipes classically authentic? I am not sure and that will require a little investigation on my part. Neither less there are some delicious recipes in the book and a few have caught my attention such as;

    • Raisin ale cake with walnut streusel topping
    • Borlotti and chestnut soup with scallops and parsley oil
    • Gingerbread spice glazed ham with cherry relish
    • Almond crusted schnitzel with pickled cabbage
    • Danish rice pudding with cherry sauce
    • Cottage cheese and plum dumplings with cinnamon walnuts
    • Beer, orange and spice braised short ribs with walnut dumplings
    • Spiced buttermilk waffles with rhubarb molasses and orange whipped butter

The white snow scenes and hanging ice skates leave me longing for a European winter holiday again. I pulled up a couple of snowy scenes from our travels to Chamonix a couple of years ago. Dreaming….







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