Book Review – A Year in My Real Food Kitchen

I am a recipe book fanatic and being a fan of Emma’s first book, My Darling Lemon Thyme I was wrapped when my parents gifted me a Dymocks birthday voucher that happened to conveniently coincide with the release of her second book – A Year in My Real Food Kitchen. Thanks Mum and Dad!

Emma’s first book, My Darling Lemon Thyme introduced, for me personally, a new way of cooking that I hadn’t been exposed too before. Dairy, meat and gluten free –  all the things central to my childhood. We really enjoyed the dishes quite a bit and it’s fair to say there were a few changes in the kitchen as a result. A bit of shuffling around of ingredients and new experiences has led to incorporating more whole foods into our diet. More importantly, foods that taste delicious!  I never thought we would eat a meat free dinner with satisfaction, which I know sounds a bit melodramatic, however, it was only the thought of change, everything that followed was simple and easy. We now eat meat free a couple of days a week and because of this, we save a little money to buy better quality meat cuts.

A Year in My Real Food Kitchen is beautifully laid out according to seasons, because essentially the best quality fruit and vegetables are found during the time of their harvest. I guess no preservatives or freezing techniques can supersede the quality maintained from only a couple of hours drive from farm to market versus the journey by plane or ship that could take days or weeks.

Much like the first book, the ingredients are easily obtainable and quite affordable. Pumpkin, apples and bananas pop up a few times and I can’t wait to try the Pumpkin Korma and Fried Egg Tortillas with Pumpkin and Coriander Salsa.

I’m excited about a couple of things in the book – firstly there is a pasta recipe – Mustardy Mushroom + Toasted Quinoa Tagliatelle! A tried and tested fluffy pillow gnocchi! Also a few ice cream recipes, the Olive Oil and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream  is the first one on the list to make. Could this be the creamy dairy free version I’ve been searching for? I dig salads with more than lettuce, and the Rainbow Carrot Salad with Mint Mojo + Turmeric Pepitas sounds great for work lunches.

There’s also a good number of condiments like Preserved Olives, Sauerkraut, Chestnut Maple Puree, Pickled Baby Beets, Pickled Chilli, Siracha (yeehaw!)

If a book teaches me new knowledge then it’s an excellent one in my view. Emma shares an abundance of information for recipe success with each one containing a little intro personally written by her.

Other delicious sounding recipes include –  Tandoori Roasted Roots with Fresh Mint Chutney,  Rainbow Chard Pilaf, Flourless Chocolate Torte (check out her black bean chocolate brownie) , Burger Buns, Plum+ Cinnamon and Quinoa Bake, and the Coconut Pikelets with Lemon Curd

Emma’s blog is a treasure trove of wholefood recipes, so you can try before you buy, so to speak. Her blog is her cooking style and the book is just awesome! The wonderful thing about the book which I just love the most –  it’s perfect for West Australian produce. Each and every recipe that is. Thank you Emma for all your experimentation in the kitchen, can’t wait to get into this book!



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