Breakfast topping: Roasted Plums

What’s your favourite part of the day?

Personally I fancy the morning, which has not always been the case but it seems when I hit my thirties, life shifted and I comfortably and rather unknowingly slotted into the enjoyment of a morning routine. Over time I’ve built on this routine, swapping up and experimenting with breakfast dishes, getting out on the bikes, savouring a long black in a café if it’s not at home with the trusty stovetop pot, or simply switching off the alarm, because who said you need to be awake in the morning for it to be crowned your favourite part of the day? Morning can begin when you want it too. 5am. 10am. 11am.

We were gifted a large number of small plums and too many to be left in the fruit basket. I pickled a few in a jar using a recipe from Sophia Zalokar’s book, Food of the Southern Forests. And if all goes well they’ll be used in burgers over the next couple of weeks. Yummo! The remaining ones, I roasted using this simple two ingredient recipe detailed below. The aroma in the kitchen whilst roasting is divine and a nice juice develops in the centre of the plum.  Drizzling with either honey or brown rice syrup will enhance or add a lovely sweetness depending on the flavour profile of the plum. I find brown rice syrup to be really sweet, so I tend to use less than if I were to use honey.

The roasted plums are stored in a jar in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I’ll spoon some on muesli or porridge. Or layer in a jar of chia pudding. I was thinking about boiling down to a syrup and creating a roasted plum vanilla ice cream, what do you think?


1kg plums
1 tablespoon brown rice syrup or honey

Preheat oven to 170 degrees
Wash and dry plums
Cut each plum in half, removing the pit
Place plums flesh side up
Drizzle with your choice of sweetener, more if you like prefer them to be sweeter
Roast for 15 minutes, allow to cool and place in jar or sealed container


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