CocoWhip at Nature’s Harvest

On the way to the beach one weekend we stopped by Nature’s Harvest for a coffee, and to try CocoWhip. Napoleon Street, situated across from Cottesloe train station has a few good spots for coffee and Nature’s Harvest would have to be one of them.

There are a couple of options on the menu for the coconut water based ice cream, and we select the tiramisu to share, thinking it’ll go perfectly alongside a long black coffee, and well, we needed a bit of a kick for the morning. The recent days have been uncomfortably hot, and with this comes sleepless nights at our house and a lot of groaning in the mornings getting ready for work. Sometimes I wish I was a traveller in Perth – Oh to be able to laze by the beach every day and all day long in summer! Good thing it’s the weekend, I can pretend I am a traveller for a few hours at least.

Amidst the bustling walk in activity we nab the table at the front, seats are limited and apart from two long tables inside, there is one wine barrel converted table with two seats outside. The long black coffee arrives and it’s a good a sight for our weary eyes. The ethically sourced Sacred Grounds bean brand is used at Natures’s Harvest. The cup of long black coffee is temperature hot and strong in body, its enjoyable without sugar. Brilliant. Hits the spot.

The tiramisu is carefully delivered to the table, and we exchange happy looks with a little surprise, not expecting the delightful mound of dessert in front of us, and thankfully we are sharing this one since we have a lunch date in a few hours.

The cacao cocowhip is all but covered in a smooth, light in texture chocolate sauce and sprinkling of crunchy cacao nibs. Towards the bottom of the glass, at the very point where I begin to think, oh no it’s almost over, my long dessert spoon strikes a small piece of gold, in the form of a piece of coffee soaked beetroot chocolate brownie.

The look and texture of cocowhip appears to be very much the same as regular soft serve. How is this so, is my first thought? It’s a dairy alternative soft serve ice cream, made from coconut water, coconut powder and a few stabilizers – and that’s it. While I’m very curious as to how coconut water can be turned into creamy ice cream and aside from what BSKT promotes Coco Whip to be, it is delicious and can certainly be turned into one big indulgent dessert with a compliment of toppings. I really liked it, for a treat every now and then yes. To consume my daily probiotic, not so much.

Have you tried cocowhip? What do you think?




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