Icecream Cart, Clarke Quay

Firstly before I begin, apologies about the photo quality, my little camera struggles at night.

On our last visit to Singapore we discovered the perfect dessert, a slab of ice cream sandwiched in between two wafer biscuits. So simple and incredibly yummy. What I love about Singapore is the range of food available, truly something for everyone and for every budget. There is something in the range of Hawker food  and all the way up to fine dining.


Along Clarke Quay next to the bridge is a little old man and his cart, for $1.50 SGD he will slice a piece of ice cream, the flavours include Mint, Chocolate Chip, Durian, Mango, Chocolate and Vanilla. He sticks two wafers to make a ice cream sandwich. Most people climb onto the bridge wall and sit down eating the snack, so we thought we would join the locals and that we did. We sat for a good hour in the humid evening just watching the crowd come and go around Clarke Quay.

icecream man


dk eating sandwich



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