Dessert at Nobu, Perth

There is certainly more to placing down a bet at the Crown these days – there’s food and more importantly dessert!

We arrive at the front desk of Nobu without a booking, however, this causes little concern, there is room for us and we are immediately shown to our seats. Our window side table is near the bar and before the dining room, the view overlooking Crown’s exclusive pool area is enticing. Second to having dessert, would be laying by the pool. Our waiter hands us a hard covered book menu for drinks and dessert. We have already eaten dinner and dessert is what we are after!

We were not expecting, but none the less completely impressed with the overview presented to us when the desserts arrived. It’s definitely a pleasant touch to the fine dining experience.

The Miso Cappuccino was Derek’s selection. The flawless appearance of the dessert was admired as it was set down on the table, layers of coffee milk foam, miso and milk chocolate crème, coffee chocolate crumble and vanilla ice cream filled a cappuccino cup. The foam was perfectly molded and a Nobu chocolate badge placed on top. For a very long time I thought miso existed only in the form of miso soup. It wasn’t until I travelled to Japan that I learnt miso is more than a side of a sushi bento box, in fact, it is often used in sweet dishes too. Miso is made from soybeans and sometimes combining with rice or barley, in a fermentation process. It can be smooth in texture or rough, beige in colour or burgundy.

The use of coffee, chocolate and ice cream is a fairly standard combination, synonymous amoungst desserts.  Those flavours did overpower the miso, this was a shame as Derek was really excited for the miso dessert and was disappointed he couldn’t quite taste the miso.

Miso Cappuccino $16.00



The bento box dessert was served with a small chocolate cake and a scoop of green tea ice cream. Burrowing into the warm and softly textured cake resulted in a smooth chocolate stream flowing out. We all need to treat ourselves every now and then and this was definitely my idea of chocolate heaven. The cold green tea ice cream was a pleasant refresher to the warming chocolate flavours.

Bento Box $18.00


The service at Nobu was without a doubt first class and our dessert experience was a fabulously spontaneous way to end a Friday evening at the Crown. I can say, returning to Nobu for dinner has definitely been bumped up a few places on my list of places to visit in Perth.

About Nobu
Nobu is classed as a fine dining restaurant and the Japanese menu incorporates South American flavours in an inventive way. Nobu brings a little bit of Hollywood to the town of Perth. Chef Nobu and actor Robert De Niro established the restaurant which now has an incredible presence in 21 cities across the world. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa has even appeared in movies a few movies; Austin Powers Goldmember” (2002), and “Memoirs of a Geisha” (2005). I think I’ll have to watch these movies again! Madonna once said ‘You can tell how much fun a city is going to be if Nobu has a restaurant in it ‘. With the Fringe Festival underway this month and the summer festivals and outdoor cinemas, it is a great time to be wandering about in Perth.

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