Simmo’s Icecreamery, Rottnest Island

Simmo’s Ice Cream has only been open since December 2012 and yet I cannot imagine Rottnest Island without it! There are over 36 delicious flavours of ice cream to choose from and all are handmade in the Dunsborough location using local West Australian produce.
My first experience of Simmo’s was in Dunsborough at their main location and since then no trip to Dunsborough is complete without a stop off at this local ice creamery, the Rottnest location is next door to The Lane Cafe in the Thomson Mall of the Settlement area and I have a feeling that it will soon become a Rottnest tradition!

Tirimusu Icecream in a cup


The classic  flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are always are hit however there are some rather different flavours such as Apple Pie, Ferraro Rocher, Coffee Crunch, Chocolate, Mango, Snickers, Blood Orange Sorbet and Bubble Gum. The ice cream is thick, creamy and soft. Being locally made, chances are you are eating it fresh as there isn’t a great deal of logistics involved in transporting the ice cream.


The staff are super friendly and first up we were asked if we would like a taste of the ice cream, this was great as there were two flavours I was trying to decide on and after trying both I made my selection being the Tiramisu. They certainly gave generous portions which we did not reject of course and I always say there is no such thing as too much ice cream.

Service and quality are ever present at Simmo’s and it is a place I will bring my international friends.


Thomson Mall at the main settlement is a popular meeting spot and now with Simmo’s Ice Cream, I think the kids will be meeting there.


Rottnest Island is a beautiful holiday spot and who would have thought it is only a 30 minute ferry trip from Fremantle, you really are in another world when on Rottnest. After the ice cream we hopped onto the bicycles and rode further along Thomsons Bay to the popular Basin Bay.

Thomson Bay

 The clear turquoise waters of the Basin





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