I am a happy cyclist. Are you a happy driver?

I cycle to be happy whether it be on the mountain bike along less travelled dirt trails or the road bike on well travelled roads with vehicles of all sorts. I’m not on the road to cause drama, I stick as far left as I possibility can past the painted lines, however sometimes the left of the road is full of collected rocks and hazards from traffic. I hold onto the handle bars tight in preparedness of a large truck zooming past too close.

I cycle to be a little more healthier and on the road bike I cycle with clip in shoes, wearing a Lycra top and pants because it is surprisingly comfortable whilst bent over the bike. Safety is paramount on a road bike in my country Australia, I wear a helmet and assess each vehicle that passes by for anything not secured that could fall off in my path. On the bike, I try to cycle in accordance with the road rules to avoid confusion, though not always possible when a driver fails to give way to me, forcing me to quickly respond and adjust.

I cycle to have fun and be mindful and occasionally, a road ride leaves my mind full! No matter how road aware I am, there remains drivers who force me off the road or toot at me for a non existent wrong doing. I always wonder if they are happy and what their own lives are like, to stamp on someone else’s happiness and carelessly risk the life of another human being. This is not always the case, but it worries me that negative attitudes towards cyclists exist.

This blog post was brought to you by a few stupid drivers on this morning’s cycle for happiness, fun and fitness.

Please respect cyclists on the roads and give us some room too.

Thank you to those drivers that let me be happy.



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