Summer storm on the commute home

It’s been a hot and humid summer in Perth, riding home to a radiant sunset on most days gives me a beautiful view on the bike but also sweaty work. Just before I was about to head off from work for a longer ride, warnings came through that a storm was approaching Perth. There was talk in the office that the weather radar appeared rather similar to that of the memorable summer storm of 2010 that no one has forgotten, naturally this spurred on a humorous evacuation of the offices with everyone keen to go home. I packed my bag, changed into my cycling clothes and placed my phone in a lunch container as I wasn’t wet weather proofed for the ride. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to go for a longer ride but I had a feeling I was in for some entertainment.

Outside the air was warm an expansive dark cloud approached the city forcing an early darkness. As I made my way down the path along the Kwinana Freeway I turned around to see that the impending front was going to be an impressive one, I took a few photos as a few fast moving cyclists zoomed ahead. I anticipate some Strava segment PRs tonight. The frequent lightning prompted my decision to head for shelter, so I made my way to Elizabeth Quay watching the show unfold but still moving quickly to remove myself from the opportunistic lightning strikes. I hid under a hotel building roof and watched the show.

The thunder boomed, the lightning continued though it didn’t reach the Quay. The wind grew in strength and barrelled rain past saturating me under full roof cover. I watched in amusement as the Gusto Gelato stand continued to serve ice cream, what a way to see in the storm, spooning a delicious gelato. In 20 minutes the storm passed leaving a cool relief from the humidity. Sirens blared elsewhere in the city.  The traffic was looking tragic and I didn’t mind the trade off, of getting wet and arriving home quicker than if I were to drive.  Mind you, I also enjoy cycling in the rain in Perth, rainfall is mild and typically doesn’t last for that long. It is totally manageable on the bike.

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