Skill Circuit | The Goat Farm MTB Park

Before heading out onto the challenging trails further in the Goat Farm MTB Park,  we decided to warm up in the skill circuit. The skills park at the Goat Farm features obstacles of varying sizes to progress, a see-saw, couple of single tracks and a jump skill circuit set on a hill towards the back of the park.

Unleashing the working week on a tottering see-saw or wide to skinny log rides was a relaxed start to the weekend, which I realise might sound a little strange but I think other mtbers would be able to relate? To show and tell the amusement of being outdoors in the bush on a bike, with obstacles to tackle I’ve extracted a few photos from the Gopro. While the Goat Farm is favoured for it’s steep and technical down hill trails, the slightly weathered skills park offers a slightly more forgiving environment without the steep descents.

In Perth, the trend in suburban parks is the ‘learn to ride’ pump tracks targeted at kids, which is fantastic, but how good would it be to find obstacles that the big kids could also enjoy? Bear in mind the skills park at the Goat Farm is suitable for kids with bike skills too.

Various logs and rocks are placed to practice going up, over and down an obstacle,  speed and momentum seems to help in tackling the obstacles.

A series of elevated boardwalks test the balance, the change in width keeps it interesting and introduces skinny lines.  The space around the sections lead to an easy line for approaching the obstacles. Switching directions provides a slight variation to the obstacle. For a challenge, try the rock line (not pictured here) which requires a slight wheel lift up.

For a beginner the see-saw is a novel way of trusting your own self.  Combining a few obstacles and the see-saw is a fun end to a circuit. Maybe the next party trick?

The single tracks flow on natural rocky ground featuring rutty sections, dips, rollovers, small short ascents and drops (most can be rolled over like below).

The single tracks can be connected from the jump circuit which is pictured below.

The Goat Farm MTB Park is located off Great Eastern Highway in Greenmount and the skills park is close to the car park, follow the wide track to find the features and trails adjacent.


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