Staying in Chamonix, 6 steps away from a Patisserie

We were holidaying in the French Alp town of Chamonix and our apartment was located on the main strip of Rue Du Docteur Paccard above retail store, it was the perfect spot as across from us was a little patisserie called Richard. I could count 6 steps from our apartment to the shopfront window, I do not think I have ever lived so close to a patisserie before. I wanted to move to Chamonix. I still want to move to Chamonix!

Patisserie Richard

It was on this trip that I fell in love with the European patisseries and cafes, this was the beginning of our Cafe Couture website project but I did not know it until we returned home to Subiaco and started missing the cafe life and those sweet little cakes. Patisserie cakes were small, delicate, rich in flavour and the pastry  thin enough so that when you bite into one, you taste the creamy filling.

The address of this cute little patisserie:

10, rue du Docteur Paccard  74400 – Chamonix-Mont-Blanc  France


A few holiday snaps of Derek and I around  the town of Chamonix in France.


Chamonix is located in between several enormous mountains including the famous Mont Blanc. Locals and holiday travellers ascend to the town in winter to ski, snowboard, mountain climb, hike and to visit the tops of the mountains via the cable cars.  During the day everyone ventures into the mountains and at night when everyone has returned, the city centre has a lively atmosphere. Everyone gathers for food and drinks, as well as a little shopping.

 The morning sun highlights the mountains


We were in Chamonix at the tail end of the winter season so most of the time it was clear and bright, a few days it did snow and this was the best part of the trip. I simply loved just walking around the snow.

Street Scene in Chamonix


River Arve flows right through the town centre and it always looked harsh and cold.  Many of the holiday accommodation units like ours back onto the river and in the morning you we could hear river flowing by.

A very quick snap, I was shivering


On the second day we woke to a scenery of pure white and unlike rain it had silently snowed throughout the night. The moment that I had discovered the snow scene outside through our French doors to going outside was completely frantic. I was so excited I stumbled around the apartment grabbing my clothes and boots, I kept repeating ‘It snowed, it snowed’. Our neighbour must have thought I was a little crazy.  We mucked around on the streets and took some silly photos, along with everybody else.

The view from our balcony

First day of snow

 Playing around in the town

The snow melted after a few days as the sun shone over the peaks of the mountains once again.

town centre

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