Morning at Deli Chicchi

Tucked away in the western suburbs neighbourhood of Mt Claremont is Deli Chicchi. We took the opportunity to pop in and enjoy a coffee and snack amidst the daily morning bustle, the cafe is a popular haunt for the residents of the area and with the spacious outdoor seating area, it’s not hard to see why. Kids bring along their bicycles and scooters, and the family dog is welcome to sit with everyone (outside). We too, like everyone else, take our seats outside in the cool breeze sweeping through the neighbourhood.

I am on a no dairy and wheat plan for the next 2 weeks, not particularly by choice but more so for a couple of health tests. I’m trying not to dwell on what I cannot consume and just get on with it. In saying this, the coffee order was a little harder to place this morning. I was yearning for a creamy long macchiato. I stood at the counter deconstructing my thoughts… Soy milk or almond milk? Which produces a better coffee?   A minuscule decision for the day, in the scheme of things, really!

I ordered a long macchiato with soy milk. The crema was beautifully thick and interestingly, the coffee aroma tasted a little stronger. I was pleased with the coffee and have to admit I didn’t miss my cow’s milk coffee at all. I might just order this again.

The cappuccino in a bright red cup looked perfect from my point of view, across the table. A lovely mix of milk foam and coffee crema, a superb balance finished off with sweet chocolate sprinklings. Derek confirmed it was a good cup of coffee.

Deli Chicchi stock a few of the delicious Rawsome products. The small appearance of the choc mint slice was a tad deceiving, it turned out to be incredibly rich and filling with a definitive peppermint flavour. No dairy or wheat are used in the Rawsome products and I loved that I wasn’t missing out on a sweet treat with the coffee. Thank you Rawsome, it was delicious!

Derek went with the soy toast and it was served alongside some jam preserve. It was tasty enough and a simple breakfast option.

 Long macchiato with soy milk


 Rawsome Choc Mint Slice




 Toast with preserves


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