Coffee, Cake & Toast at Gordon Street Garage

Having heard Gordon Street Cafe roast and grind their coffee beans on the premises it was time for us to pay a visit to this popular West Perth eatery and so we found ourselves walking through the doors before work early one Friday morning.

The cafe is housed in an incredibly large building that was once a car servicing garage, a few metres from the Harbour Town Brand Outlet Shopping Centre. The cafe has retained much of the industrial look and with its high voids, natural light and raw materials it is an unassumingly laissez-faire sort of place to visit. The majority of the patrons are office workers and although they appear slightly out of the ordinary in their black suits within the industrial setting it is worth noting that West Perth is a predominant business district especially since it is bordered by the CBD and Subiaco. Before 8.30am during the week the place is popular with the local workers and on the weekends with local residents and ritualistic brunchers.

It is table service so as soon as we were shown to a table I was off to view and make a careful selection of my sweet treat. A terrific range of cakes and pastries are laid out on a table and the front counter (a nice gesture for takeaway patrons). If you like to indulge in the occasional cake breakfast as I do then I would recommend a stop at Gordon Street.

The coffees were definitely something to muse about; it makes all the difference when the beans are roasted on site. I would imagine a short time frame between roasting and brewing the coffee into a cup.

long mac
The froth of my cappuccino was something I have not experienced since visiting Fortysevenkirwan street a few months ago. The texture and taste was amazing, it was thick and creamy. I had to have Dk try it but we could not put our finger on how to really describe it in this post, maybe it is a result of Barista skill or quality of ingredients. All I can say is you will have to try and I hope you experience what we have.

The carrot cake was moist and soft; the cream icing was exactly how it should be on a carrot cake, thick texture and a slight twang taste.

carrot cake

DkΒ went with a simple and no fuss breakfast of the toast and preserve ($6.00), it was served with 3 pieces of toast.


During our visit we experienced excellent service from the staff and the place provides a nice ambient setting to start the morning. The cafe is a few paces from The Harbour Town Brand Direct Shopping centre, a 15 minute walk from the CBD of Perth and about a 20 minute walk from Kings Park.

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