Lane Cafe, Claremont

Who would have thought that by having a car tyre changed would lead to discovering a real gem of a cafe in the sophisticated town of Claremont! This morning we left the car behind at Beaurepaires on Stirling Highway and wandered into town in search for coffee and breakfast, we soon stumbled upon the quaint and picturesque Old Theatre Lane. Just like London Court in the Perth’s CBD, The little Old Theatre Lane takes you to another part of the world.

I was instantly drawn to The Lane Cafe (formerly known as Claremont Cafecino) and it was so inviting, memories of my European holiday were flooding back into my mind. There was a table inside the cafe that presented an array of cakes and biscuits in glass domes, the counter top housed a nice selection of muffins and slices.

A menu was placed on each of the tables which I thought was really good, saves that awkward moment of taking a seat and discovering that A) it is all too expensive which can happen in Claremont and B) there is nothing on the menu that is of interest. The choices and prices were reasonable and that sealed the deal for us, we took our seats at a table in the covered lane.

 Cappuccino & Long Mac ($4.00), Hazelnut Caramel Slice ($3.50)


The coffees tasted strong (definitely double shots) and my cappuccino was served with a nice sprinkling of chocolate. The first thing I noticed was the green cup, it was simply large and I was so pleased with that. The slice was smooth and rich, the caramel gooey. I wish it a little bigger, really, it was quite small for $3.50 but it was perfectly delicious with the coffees.

Green Eggs and Ham ($16.50)

Scrambled eggs with pesto

The eggs and ham were served with light crispy toast, pesto, scrambled eggs and a generous amount of bacon. DD loved the pesto and it made for a very unique and pleasant flavour when combined with the bacon.

 Free Range Eggs on Toast ($12.50)

Scrambled eggs with toast

I chose to have my eggs scrambled and they were delicious, the eggs were a cross between scrambled and an omelette. I wish there was more of the side of chutney, it complimented the dish so well. Considering that I ordered a very simple dish, I cannot say enough how yummy it was and perhaps the best eggs on toast in Perth at the moment.

Both dishes were served on a rectangle wooden board and unlike other places that also use this concept, these were big and there was room to eat the meals without making a mess. The the toast was rectangle, a minor detail that makes the wooden board work and so yes we approve of the wooden board.


There are a few retail stores inside the Old Theatre Lane which includes fashion, a travel agent, bookstore and a gift store.  Interestingly there is a place that sells beautiful world. Around the corner is a jam packed kitchen store, Bunnings Hardware and a music store.


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