Too much to choose from at Little Bird Cafe

Little Bird Café on Lake Street is one of my favourite cafes in Northbridge and not just for the coffee and food. It’s a cafe with ambiance and a quaint courtyard alfresco area where you can enjoy Perth’s mostly mellow weather.

While I tend to shy away from the weekend brunch hour, Little Bird does open from 8am and it was the prime opportunity to stop by for breakfast before the café begun to fill up. If you have only ever been to Northbridge in the evenings, you should think about a visit in the mornings. Northbridge is a tad peaceful, unrecognisable from the evening shenanigans and its existence as a nightlife district. I’ve often pondered about what life would be like, living in Northbridge.  I imagine there would never be a dull moment!

Back to our breakfast. To the left of the counter is a dining space and on closer inspection it’s furnished more like a living room and one that feels familiar and homely. We eye a couch and armchair set by the window and head to its direction.

After what felt like a while of perusing the menu, we decided to share a couple of items, the bruschetta, the hazelnut rawsome slice and homemade raw snickers slice from the counter. It’s always a good sign when there is an array of good choices on a menu plus the goodies sitting on the counter! I was already thinking about my order for next time (the pancakes) :).

The coffees were the first to arrive, and very promptly at that. My long black was piping hot and boldly strong. Derek went with the long macchiato topped up. It was creamy, served with latte art in the milk froth. Thank you barista!



Next came the food, and we were starving at this point. Cycling to the cafe, albeit not very far, was surely enough to work up a healthy appetite! Even with our short wait.

The bruschetta dish was wonderfully presented and it was a decent serving too. Long rashers of bacon, half an avocado, green leaves, goat’s cheese and tomatoes served on top of  sourdough toast. Compliments to the chef, the bacon was divine. We could not help but reflect on the price and quantity, easily thinking of a few places in town were we would pay more and receive less for essentially the same dish.  It deserves to be said that this would have to be one of the better valued bruschettas in town!



The Rawsome hazelnut was a layered slice of finely ground nuts and a chocolate hazelnut fudge. It was wonderfully rich in flavour and the fudge layer had warmed up to room temperature giving the slice that smooth creamy consistency. Little Bird stock a few of the Rawsome treats and they are a godsend for anyone unable to consume dairy or wheat. But, not just limited to a person’s diet restrictions, they go awesomely great with a coffee. Awesomely.  Generally, raw desserts are on the small side and I guess they miss out on the rising process that baking activates from flour. Plus nuts seem to be expensive these days! Regardless of size, they are delish and that is all that matters!


The reproduction of snickers desserts seems to be a thing at the moment in Perth, and, we had to eat the thing of course! Caramel and peanut flavours, velvety texture with each mouthful. It was definitely on the sweet side.


Overall it was a good breakfast out and the staff at Little Bird were prompt and friendly. I am definitely keen to return to try the pancakes next time!


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