Little Guildford Cafe + Vintage Shopping

Following a satisfying Sunday wandering through the antique stores along James Street I had to return with Dk for a couple of  final decisions. First though, an espresso from one of the local cafes.

The Little Guildford is a quaint cafe across the train tracks and around the corner from the Swan Valley Information Centre. We were only intending to stop by for a couple of coffees but the warm bid of welcome was an easy persuasion to look through the brunch menu. The retro cafe was packed inside and we sat in the front courtyard surrounded by mismatching potted plants and greenery. My favoured way of spending a morning, outside!


Dk went with toast and when the dish arrived we thought it would have to be one of the best presentations we have seen of the humble toast. It was served with whipped butter and preserve.

Toast ($6.50)


I could not help myself, my selection was the buttermilk pancakes with creme fraiche, berry compote and strawberry. The layered pancakes were fluffy and warm.  Chatting to the lady she mentioned the pancakes are made to order each time. This would explain why I was unable to put my fork and knife down. Utterly delicious, I was licking my lips after this and destined for a sugar crash in a couple of hours but I didn’t care it was worth it!

Buttermilk pancakes ($14.00)


Our three quarter topped macchiatos were strong in flavour, they were perfect for us. A lovely layer of froth crema on top visible from the glass cup.

 Long macchiato


We had a wonderful morning at the Little Guildford and its a place we will return too, it makes for a nice change of scenery from the city.

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Vintage & Antique Shopping in Guildford

Guildford is a historical town, it was one of the first areas to be settled in Western Australia when the Swan River colony was founded.  Naturally the antique stores along James Street (across from the Guildford Train Station) are a gold mine for collectors, renovators, homemakers and shabby chic thrifty buyers. A lot of stuff is imported because lets be honest Australia is not the oldest country in the world but in saying this there are quite a few rustic Australian pieces to be found. This particular shopping trip we left with a couple of much loved items that I think/feel were bargains. Each store I discovered possesses its own personality, perhaps a reflection of the owner’s taste. We met a couple of the owners and that is the great thing about Guildford, it has the feel and functionality of a small country town. Yet, it is a mere 25 minute drive from Perth’s city centre!


Stories on The Wall

This was one of my favourite stores, I left feeling a tad inspired and also with a small side table for the apartment bedroom. Paul and Bonnie run this beautiful shop,  boat furniture and Bonnie’s artwork are the signature items. The boat furniture range is made from old teak fishing boats. Imagine the tales and history attached! Other items in the store include imported vintage furniture, lighting, homeware, gifts and 100% wool and 100% cotton rugs. The furniture in store is unique, especially the boat furniture range. No two pieces are the same. The boats have been painted over many times during their lifetime and when the wood is sanded back in the furniture making process it reveals a unique multi coloured look.

The shop is located at 175 James Street and the store room which houses even more stock at 121 James Street, a few doors down from Annie’s Vintage Wonderland. Stories on The Wall can also custom make furniture and this can take up to 60 days but well worth it I think. On both visits to the store both Bonnie and Paul welcomed us in, happily talking to us about their furniture.  Now that I am home I am eyeing the dining table and when the time comes where I can fit a dining table into the house, I will return. Hopefully soon!



175 James Street, Guildford

Open Wed – Sun, 10am – 5pm

Facebook page

Annie’s Vintage Wonderland

This is a lively and fun antique store for the retro and shabby chic lover. Annie has a sharp eye for attractive pieces no matter how small. The store has many colourful items as well as reclaimed timber pieces. Just like a close friend’s house Annie invited us to open the cupboards, where we found even more stuff like tea cups, bread knives and old tins.

Annie was so welcoming and super friendly, going beyond what we expected she said if we needed anything in particular she would find it. Now this is what I call service!


Address: 3/121 James Street, Guildford

Facebook page

Guildford Basic Elements Studio

Guildford Basic Elements Studio is one of the oldest stores, 17 years it has been on the strip. This store has a mix of items from oriental parasols and trinkets to some expensive looking padlocks. There are  rustic farm tools as well as timber, marble and iron materials. The owners travel through Asia regularly bringing back a few treasures. Be sure walk through to the small courtyard where there are some outdoor ornaments and furniture.


Jones of Guildford

Jones of Guildford is a large place with loads of furniture in one half of the store and in the other there are glass cabinets of chinaware, trinkets and glassware. I found quite a few Australian items and very authentic wood crates. You’ll find some collector items in store and plenty of bric a brac items!

Jones of Guildford

165 James Street, Guildford Western Australia 6055



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