Review: Vango Halo 300 3 Person Tent

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you may have noticed a couple of camping posts. We have been having a load of fun discovering the perks of camping and the number of beautiful camping spots, hiking and biking trails in Western Australia. While I have a foodie and travel bucket list, it seems I now have a growing camping bucket list! What’s your favourite camping spot in Western Australia?

Purchasing a tent earlier this year required a little bit of research, there are so many on the market and we weren’t too sure of what features we truly needed. As we were going to use the tent for biking along the Munda Biddi and hence carrying it in our BOB trailers – weight, was the driving consideration. Other points that were important was being waterproof and having some sort of ability to pitch in the rain.  So, it was a hiking specific tent we would be looking for.

While we bought some of our camping equipment in Perth, the tent, we purchased online through an Eastern States company located on the Gold Coast- Wild Earth. Pricing and brand range was much more competitive online.


In short here’s what is super cool about the tent;

It’s lightweight, packs compact and fits in the linen cupboard at home

The porch area (created with the flysheet) is great for storing shoes, cooking prep and slightly added privacy

The pack can be split, which means sharing the weight load between two people, especially good on biking trails like the Munda Biddi

The poles are the same size, no guess work needed, and they have a mechanism that snaps them into place

Pitching is a matter of putting the poles together, inserting them into fly sheet, and in an all in one movement, pitch the tent!

I love the colour, the tent blends into the Aussie scenery nicely

3 person tent is enough room for the 2 of us plus luggage (in winter its necessary to store the luggage under cover)

We can’t think of any negatives with the Vango tent, and although it’s our first tent, so far, we are very happy with it. It has been brilliant on the Munda Biddi Trail in mild winter conditions (yet to test in heavy rain). We’ve camped on the beach too and its held in moderate wind.

One of the reservations we initially had, was of the lovely Australian bush, those sharp branches, rocks and prickly leaves. We used a tarp from the hardware store, Bunnings to place on the forest floor, just as added protection really. I am positive the tent would be okay without the tarp though.

I guess what makes hiking specific tents a little more expensive then say your mainstream BCF and Big W tents are the features of being lightweight, compact, easy to pitch and waterproof. Its the peace of mind that you can rely on the tent when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, away from the city and the car!

Features of the tent

3 person geodesic hiking tent

Four season/mountain tent

Dome style

Fly sheet and inner attachment, inbuilt ground sheet

Small porch space for storing gears, both sides

3 identical length alloy poles

Weight is 4 kg

2 entry points

Protex 70 Denier polyester flysheet is a highly waterproof, durable and reliable fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable, and it’s exclusive to Vango

All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal

70 denier, 6000mm lightweight polyester groundsheet is the perfect blend of waterproofness, durability and reliability

Top half of doors have mesh for ventilation

Inner tent pockets

Tent is weather tested to the European standard EN5912, in a certified wind and rain test centre

Multiple reflective points on the pegging points

All Vango tents use fully fire retardant fabrics that meet the European EN5912 safety standard

Vango is a Scottish company operating since 1966





Hope you liked my little review of our much loved tent. Do you have a tent that adds to your camping experience?

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