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B Bakery is located on Bussorah Street in the heart of what is know as Kampong Glam, a cultural district of Singapore. This area is what I consider to be a part of the ‘real’ Singapore far from the modernisation of Marina Bay there is a lot of culture and heritage contained in these little streets and lane ways.

You might be wondering why Singapore has distinctive areas such as Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street area, this ties back into the past when in 1822  the town planning section of the government thought it was a good idea to organise the city into ethnic areas. Kampong Glam during this time was home to the rich Sultan family as well as the Malay and Arab communities.

The early style shop houses which are now retail merchants, cafes and restaurants remain a strong reminder of the colourful past in this vibrant area. B Bakery is located at shop house 15 and after exploring the  area we thought we would stop in for some lunch. What I loved about this restaurant is the sandwiches available on the menu, it was exactly what I was craving.

shop alley

DD walking through the Bussorah Street area, it is a different world at this end of Singapore – no high rise buildings!  This area is pretty quiet at 11:00a m, clearly later risers with most of the places closed.

coffee and map

Sipping coffee (4.00 SGD) while planning where to go next in Singapore


Chicken Avocado (8.00 SGD) sandwich with quality ingredients and thinly toasted bread 


Although an old shop house, there is modern air conditioning inside.

Overall it was a great experience and for lunch and coffee the cost was SGD28.38.

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436
Tel: 6293 9010



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