Address Nagasaka, western accommodation

The second half of our ski holiday in Nozawa Onsen we stayed in an apartment positioned on the base of the slopes across from the Nagasaka ski gondola. We had originally booked a room in Paradise Chalet higher up the mountain but shortly before our arrival we were told the snow mobile had broken down and we would have no way of getting to and from town at night. Very unfortunate however to our advantage the owner transferred us to a large apartment at Address Nagasaka free of charge.

The 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment featured a kitchenette, free wifi internet, TV, bathroom and toilet. There was a laundry and ski storage area in the basement. The snow mobile shuttle stop for the Hikage lift system was conveniently located in front of the building. A hostel looking bar called Craft Room is located underneath and at the end of the season it closed fairly early at around 8pm. It is open for coffee in the mornings which was very handy. It is a walk to the cluster of restaurants and cafes however there are a handful close by.

During our time at Address Nagasaka we spent daylight in the mountains. Returning only when the sun disappeared, we were able to ski right down to the doorstep of the apartment which was a bit of a novelty and eventually turned into a race between Dk and I.

As I mentioned the apartment is across from the Nagasaka ski gondola. You can ride the gondola to Yunomine station and then ski across to the Hikage ski area or you can continue to the next station – Yamabiko where the awesome snow park is found. Follow this down and you’ll reach a number of other trails including a very long forest trail. The skiing at the end of the 2014 season was superb.

Feelings were mixed about this apartment, I missed the authenticity and simplicity of the Shirakaba Guest House but Dk loved the free wireless internet and modern features of Address Nagasaka. We both agreed the location on the slope made it super easy to get started for the day. Infact we started our days much earlier. After all, waking up to a view of snow gave us the biggest desire to get out there and ski!

To check into Address Nagasaka you must go to the sister property, across from Address Nozawa.

Address Nagasaka

The Craft Room

 View from the apartment

View from window

Large beds

Address nagasaka

 Free snow shuttle

Snow mobile

On the way to Hikage Ski Slope

Snowmobile Hikage


Hikage Ski Slope

Hikage 2


Last day on the slopes


No snow making facilities, a machine comes through at the end of the day to smooth over the snow (view from our window)

End of the day


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