Baguettes and cheap red wine in Paris

Our trip to Paris was hectic and in hindsight should have been longer then 5 nights. There is a magnitude of history sights to explore and food cuisine to enjoy, I could have easily spent 5 days in the Lourve alone!

A brief reflection on our time in the romantic city of Paris;

  • A city with a treasure trove of history to explore and an intense cafe atmosphere to match.
  • We explored Paris on foot and stayed in a tiny quaint airbnb apartment in Bastille.
  • We cooked pasta, ate cheese and consumed 2 euro red wine.
  • We gave money to the subway buskers but stayed clear of the many crazy homeless folk.
  • We bought baguettes on the way home like the locals. We indulged on churros from the pink van at midnight and fought for a Velib bicycle parking space in Bastille on a Saturday night.
  • We lined up in the rain one Saturday night to go to the top of the Eiffel tower. We found the only place to find romance was on the top of the Eiffel tower away from the hagglers.
  • We visited Napoleon’s legendary resting place.
  • We explored art, history and architecture. We walked around with a map and took photos.
  • We were ripped off in the Jewish quarter but had coffee at Bar Bastille with the regulars.
  • A cappuccino does not exist in France, a  Cafe Au Lait does! Never order a cappuccino!



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