La Tour Eiffel

Our experience of La Tour Eiffel was not exactly what I was expecting. We visited it twice during our stay in Paris. The first was during the day where we were followed by hagglers trying to sell us china knock offs and scammers in the form of so called ‘deaf girls’. Oh and the French army personal walking around with big guns was definitely not a romantic experience. We returned at nightfall to venture up to the top, lining up in the light rain. I do believe those that say Paris is romantic in the rain, it is. The tower at night is a wanderlust sight of  glittery lights.

I admittedly did fall in love with the structure of La Tour Eiffel. It is beautifully constructed and I was happy to find view points of the tower that I had not come across on television or the internet. A few interesting facts I learnt about this French monument;

1. The construction of the Eiffel tower only took 2 years and 2 months and 5 days, impressive
2. The tower when built was only allowed to stay for 20 years and at that time it had to be dismantled, well that’s history now
4. The names of 72 scientists are listed on the borders of the four sides of the tower
5. Gustave Eiffel was also responsible for the Statue of Liberty in New York




I hope I am not the only person amazed by this below photo, the way the support is secured into the ground. I find it amazing at the thought of how this structure was built in 1889!




In the midst of the festive chaos on the top of the tower we found time to capture a happy moment, only for a second until someone walked in front of the camera.


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