Lost Kittens Project 101: Penang

Walking around the streets of the UNESCO World Heritage listed George Town we sighted a number of cat murals and artwork objects. The artistic installations are part of the Lost Kittens Project 101 by a group of talented and passionate artists. The project creates awareness for neglected animals and was part of a festival held in 2013 of which also incorporated other types of street artwork. The group known as Artists for Stray Animals is headed by Tang Yeok Khang of Bukit Mertajam, Natthaton Muangkliang of Thailand and Louise Low of Kuala Lumpur.

The project is heart warming for those that have been touched by rescued animals. Our beloved cat Kiki was a neglected animal until we adopted her from the Cat Haven in Shenton Park. We have been caring for her ever since and with love and food she has grown into quite the contently happy cat!

The Lost Kittens Project 101 along with the other artworks has beautified the street landscape bringing about some colour to what would otherwise be a dull wall or fence. The capital of Penang is now a walk able area with a vibrant community atmosphere. We along with others wandered around the streets in search of the artwork, sharing directions with complete strangers and chatting with others as we queued for a candid photo. Our hotel gave us a map of the area which details the location of the artwork points. The map can also be downloaded from here.  There are a number of great food places and cafes along the way. All you have to do is spot the queues for the best places!

Time to Sit With Your Cat

Where: Armenian Street Ghaut

This wire bound kitty is located at the same site as Skippy. He or she is intended to remind owners to spend a little time with their pets. The mural behind is Skippy and the story about the big cat is below.

Lost Kittens Project 101 Penang

Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat Mural

Where: Armenian Street Ghaut

This kitty is surrounded by luckier cats than him, he sits patiently hoping someone will also love him too. Businesses in Japan often have a small maneki-neko doll in their store to bring good luck and fortune.  You could also interpret this to be –  the kitty has found his ‘forever’ owner and will be loved and lucky FOREVER as he is surrounded by his maneki-neko dolls.


The 102nd Cat Mural

Where: Across from Skippy on Armenian Street Ghaut

This little blue guy is across from Skippy and he is next to the bicycle hire shop. He is the 102nd cat and the only blue cat mural!

Lost Kittens Project 101

The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This

Where: In a backlane between Ah Quee Street and Beach Street

This mural was the hardest one to find, we wandered around in circles before we realised we needed to be off the street and looking at the rear of buildings in a lane way. Bruce Lee in a kungfu battle with two cats, it is an animated mural more than anything.  We watched as people jumped in Kungfu positions for their photo in front of the mural.

Jackie Chan

Skippy comes to Penang, the Giant Cat

Where: Armenian Street Ghaut

Skippy is painted onto a large wall and the inspiration comes from a sad mangled leg cat in Langkawi. The good news is that Skippy is now permanently on a holiday at a resort in Langkawi and knows nothing about her popularity back in Penang. There is even a small souvenir stand to purchase Skippy postcards and key rings. The paint used is environmentally friendly and will wash off in 2 years. We missed it but be sure to spot the big black rat lurking around the corner.

Many of the painted murals were stencils but Skippy was hand painted and this over sized ginger cat looking down on us was our favourite!


More Information

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101 Lost Kittens Project Pinterest page

Google Map

Downloadable Street Art Map




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