Frederick’s Cafe, Albany

Following a long drive to see one of Australia’s top 10 beaches, Little Beach and having to hastingly retreat from a weather front coming in across the ocean we stopped through Albany on the way back to the farm for an afternoon coffee.


During our trip we discovered some fabulous cafes around the windy seaside town and Frederick’s Cafe was certainly one of them.  Located on York Street  it was easy to find.  The cafe has a Parisian style to it with the wood chairs and black and white decor offset by a couple of yellow decorations. We took our seats in the enclosed alfresco area next to the gas heater. Learning that Frederick’s offer free wireless internet we took the opportunity to check our emails.


The long macchiato was topped up and presented with latte art in the thick crema and milk froth. Frederick’s Cafe use local Western Australian owned Five Senses coffee beans, the coffee aroma was strong and we savored the moment. The past couple of days I had been brewing the morning coffee over the stove-top producing a strong thick body of black coffee and the long macchiato was a nice change.

Long macchiato with complimentary biscuit


We shared a warm panini of corned beef, Russian salad oil dressing and cheese. A choice of chips or salad came with meal, we went with the salad. I used to eat corned beef sandwiches with yellow mustard dressing and pickles at my Nanna’s home all the time as a child, I haven’t seen it since until today! Corned beef is basically beef cured in a brine solution and slowly simmered for over an hour. It is a method of preserving beef and the result is a lovely salty flavour. Our panini was delicious and the dressing and cheese with the salty beef was very yummy. The shredded salad finished it all off nicely.

Corned Beef Panini



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