Moving to a new town, in regional WA

As the week draws to an end it’s also an important milestone for us, being six months living in the Pilbara.  A first adventure. A defining experience and I share some thoughts in this post about uprooting and venturing into the temporary space of unknown.

It hasn’t exactly been all peaches and cream and while the chaos of pulling together a bold move in a matter of weeks is now a distant and somewhat amusing memory, it was a challenging prospect coupled with feelings of guilt about leaving family and a seven year well loved job and colleagues.  A rare work opportunity presented itself and we charged ahead, willingly hurled into a resilience building path where we learnt the value of stepping out of a comfortable life and into a new one, into a relatively foreign place of spinifex grass and a year round summer.

We installed a tow bar to the car for the road trip, bought a trailer and tore through the house, donating, selling and packing. The trailer became a much needed decluttering mechanism for all those missed spring cleans. Hours passed constructively debating on items to bring and those that would be left behind in storage.  Sacrifices were made including leaving some cookbooks behind!

Living in a new region had been on the cards for some time, the Pilbara presented a radical new landscape whilst still remaining in Western Australia, only a two hour flight from Perth but a ridiculously expensive one I must vent.

From city to regional living. From skyscrapers and botanical gardens to rocks and cyclone proof buildings. Six months down the track we’ve made that comfortable life again, however different that may be to the previous one, like most people say, it’s what you make of an opportunity. It’s your mindset and attitude. The Pilbara life is nothing we have experienced before, the heat, the arid terrain, the wildlife so close to town and the casual fun personalities, that make us city slickers appear to be incredibly wound up! Not excluding the spectacular sunsets and beauty of the epic landscape which covers gorges, islands and shorelines. Not completely withdrawn from modern conveniences, there’s a trendy cafe scene, outdoor cinema and art events in town. FIFO families are definitely missing out on a lifestyle that seems to be Pilbara’s own little secret.



The dynamics of modern living in essentially a semi remote location needs some flexibility and resourcefulness, especially being away from friends and family. We have discovered most people in the Pilbara are also in a similar situation and there’s oodles of support.  Our life is temporary and it’s nice that way for now. While there are some things we miss about our life in Perth,  there are new experiences. The 10 minute commute from work. Mountain bike trails in town. The monthly butcher truck. The space and opportunities to head out on a weekend micro adventure. All positives when tackling partner night shift work and those hottest couple of months of the year.


Sharing some useful tips when it comes to packing and moving into a new town. Have you embarked on a new journey?

Avoid focusing on trying to plan the move to a tight schedule or in anyway anticipate it to be rolled out perfectly

Enjoy the prospect of a new adventure

Make time to relax in the hurricane moments during packing and be sure to call it day

Drawing from The Art of Peace, keep your mind empty of thoughts, especially at night when you want to keep packing

Fix up the financial loose ends and make lists to share tasks

Avoid social media in building up a perceived perception, be realistic

Drink your coffee


Explore, explore, explore – it’s great for the spirit and a distraction for all types of home sick feelings

Join a social or sporting group

Go straight to the supermarket and buy the pantry staples like basil, salt and pepper

Support a local community initiative, like the markets

Slowly build a routine again

Try something you’ve never done before or start a hobby

Look towards the positives and avoid comparisons

Exercise invigorates a fresh healthy mind


Hope you enjoyed this reflecting post and signing out on the words of ‘Don’t be in such a rush to figure things out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you’ Buddha


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