First time at the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

The Goat Farm Mountain Park is located in Greenmount National Park, just off Great Eastern Hwy (94) and under 10km from Midland Train Station.

The plan was to ride the blue cruiser trail to cannonball, and while I would continue down the blue cross country trail, Derek would take a black downhill trail. We began our morning at the skills park and were having such a great time that we didn’t move onto the nearby trails.

The skills park located a short distance from the car park is a good size with a series of obstacles, a jump circuit and a couple single track options. The space around the features provides freedom to repetitively practise a technical feature or section. From the obstacle practice area,  single track trails return to the car park. The surface is a mix of compact clay and rocks which gave us a brief taste of what to expect higher in the park except on more of a flat surface.

The jump circuit further up from the skill section (closest to residential housing) worked out to be great practice for developing jump skills and learning to gain speed on the bike. It’s a well suited circuit to skill up on. The circuit is shaped wonderfully so that it’s not a long push up to the start again. We’d do a loop, walk up to the top talking about it, and do it all again. Best fun. The jumps can also be rolled over however they do need some speed.

Following yesterday’s rainfall, the ground was slippery, which I thought was a little challenging going into the jumps but thrilling for Derek. The view just before pedalling into the first jump was a real treat. Bear in mind you can roll over the jumps.

The skills park at The Goat Farm offers enough variety that it also can be good warm up or warm down for a day for regular riders venturing further into the mountain bike park. The rest of the trails higher in the park are quite challenging and technical, graded more difficult (Blue) and very difficult (Black). These trails are often used in state cross country or enduro events so that should give you an idea on what to expect.

Facility wise at The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park there are toilets, a sign board map, picnic tables and a rubbish bin near the car park.

Unfortunately our car was broken into while we were rolling around having a great ride, and this was a real kill joy.  It’s such a shame especially as the park borders a local neighbourhood and has the potential to have a community atmosphere.

I wouldn’t rule out another visit, in fact we’ve been several times since because I guess if you don’t use these places they will fall into disrepair.






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