Geordie’s Cafe, Rottnest

Geordie’s Cafe is a newbie to Rottnest Island and it’s located in the bustling Geordie Longreach Village Square. The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch every day of the week. From Tuesday to Sunday an early dinner is available and when I refer to early the cafe closes at the hour of 8:30pm. One thing we noticed when staying overnight on the island is there is not a lot of people around after 9:00pm. After a day in the sun swimming, cycling and maybe drinking a few glasses of wine, crashing early seems to be the easy thing to do.

Geordie Bay - Longreach sign

The Village Square is just as lively as the main settlement back at Thomson Bay with everyone out and about looking very relaxed, the bicycles racks are full and there are bicycles scattered everywhere.

Geordie Bay Shops

The cafe is tastefully decorated and the big shiny coffee machine is just screaming out ‘we mean business’. The walls are a gallery of local artwork for sale, inspired by the beautiful landscape of the island. There is some seating inside but the majority of seating is outside in the square under the shade sails, this is where we take a table and sit down.

Geordie Bay Cafe

Geordie’s Cafe use the Western Australian Five Senses coffee brand for their coffee and Tea Drop for its range of teas. There are daily specials to choose from and a kid friendly menu.


We ordered a few drinks and a beer battered chips to share. Overall it was a good snack for us before our check in at Hotel Rottnest. We felt the prices to be slightly high but then again so is everything on the island.

 Summer Skies Squeezed Juice – mango, pineapple apple


Banana Smoothie 

Banana Smoothie

Beer battered chips and sauces 



Geordie Bay

To cycle from the main settlement to Thomson Bay was about a 15 minute journey. The accommodation shuttle bus and bay seeker bus both stop at the village square. Nearby bays to venture to for a swim include Parakeet Bay, Geordie Bay, Longreach Bay and Fays Bay. There is accommodation in Geordie Bay and Longreach Bay, the luxury villas elevated above Longreach Bay provide some stunning views of the ocean. The area tends to be very popular with local families.

the island 2


Rottnest map



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